Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New tourism record in Israel

Ynet recently reported that October 2013 was an all time high when it comes to tourism to Israel. While Tel Aviv specifically was not mentioned in this report, we do believe a lot of people who come to Israel visit Tel Aviv as well. Especially if they come due to the warm weather, like the article mentions!

So far Israel has had over 3 million tourists come over during 2013, and 339 000 during October 2013 alone! So if you're thinking of coming over, you are definitely not alone!

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  1. Israel was trying for years to change the minds of fearful tourists to visit this holy-land without any fear. There’s been a drastic change as they have succeeded with a great increase in their tourism industry. This industry has now become a great income resource for the country which it’s amazing history and heritage. Last year I visited this place with the help of Kosher travelers who made all arrangement for my journey. I was truly surprise to see an incredible varied landscape such as from the snowy mountains in the North to the Negev Desert in the South along with the beautiful natural sceneries all around the city.