Tuesday, December 16, 2014

One of the best things about living in Tel Aviv...

... as well as some of the other larger cities in Israel, as opposed to the smaller ones, is that you actually get all your mail delivered to your house or the building where you live.

Now, this might not sound like such a big deal, but it actually is. In a lot of the smaller cities in Israel, you do not have this luxury, but have to go pick up your mail at a mail station instead. And it is not very uncommon that this place is not very close to where you actually live.

So while the city of Tel Aviv might not have all the greenery of the moshavs and smaller cities of Israel, at least getting the mail is fairly simple, even if you are only staying in Tel Aviv for a short while.

That is, until you have to go to the post office to get packages or something. That can be quite an unpleasant experience, after all. But how to manage at the Israeli post offices is probably a topic for another post entirely...

(the mail station pictured is from the small town of Yavne, Israel)

Restaurants in Tel Aviv: Indira

It's pretty easy to mess up Indian food, for some reason. As lovers of Indian food, we have been to Indian restaurants pretty much all over the world, and most Indian restaurants really aren't that good (including most Indian restaurants in Tel Aviv, in case you were wondering). But there are some exceptions out there, such as the legendary Veeraswamy in London, and - maybe surprisingly for some - a restaurant right in Tel Aviv!

That restaurant is Indira, a restaurant established in 1991, in the London Minister building (on the Shaul Hamelech Boulevard side), and still serving amazing meals. We actually go there quite a lot, and have been doing so for years already, but since Indira, as good as it is, is a somewhat common place for us to dine, we probably don't appreciate it enough, and also never remember to take any photos when we go.

But don't let that fool you! Indira is by far the best place for Indian food in Tel Aviv, and although the prices are not cheap, they are definitely reasonable (by Tel Aviv standards, maybe not as much by Indian standards), and there is a lot of variety on the menu too.

We especially recommend the garlic naan, the samusas and the tikka masala if you are at all into that.

For a full menu (in Hebrew), see Indira's website.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tel Aviv voted world's smartest city!

What an honor, right?
The award was given to Tel Aviv at the Smart City Expo, and annual event held in Barcelona this year, and Tel Aviv beat 250 other cities to the title. The reason for this title is mainly that the city of Tel Aviv is said to have had what is called a "digital revolution", and some parts of this revolution are interesting for tourists visiting Tel Aviv, too, like the wifi you can find all over town, it certainly does come in handy for tourists a lot of times!

Most aspects of the digital revolution are mostly interesting for the residents of Tel Aviv, of course.

If you'd like to read more about the title, you can do so over at Ynet and Times of Israel.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Shopping in Tel Aviv: Ramat Aviv Mall

For those looking for a swankier shopping experience than those you can get in the locations we have previously mentioned here on the blog (Sarona, Dizengoff Center, Azrieli, Gan HaIr and Nachalat Binyamin), Ramat Aviv Mall is a good choice. You will find stores that are hard to find elsewhere in Tel Aviv in this mall, from Longchamp to Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs.

Generally, the stores are slightly more upscale than the ones you find in other malls in the city, and if you are looking for a store that you like, but find hard to find in Tel Aviv otherwise, it may very well be worth checking if they have it here (happened to us with Kiehl's!). However, this is not a place we recommend for bargain hunters, for obvious reasons. (There are some other places better suited for bargain hunters in the city, however)
The mall houses nice coffee shops and restaurants on top of the stores you will find there, as well as some embassies, and it is located in Ramat Aviv, a part of town most tourists go to if they want to visit either the University, or the Diaspora Museum or the Eretz Israel museum. Ramat Aviv is fairly easy to get to from central Tel Aviv, even though it may look like it is far away, thanks to direct bus lines that take you straight here.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Finding your way in Tel Aviv - A word on street signs in Tel Aviv

Traveling to a country where another alphabet than the one you is used to can seem a bit scary (we've been to China, so we know what we are talking about!), but if not being able to read street signs worries you when you are planning a trip to Tel Aviv, you should know that most street signs, and definitely all street signs on major roads in the city actually have the name of the street or place on them in both Hebrew, Arabic and Latin (or English, if there is a need for a longer explanation for some reason).
People who read Arabic often complain that the Arabic parts are not completely correct, and there are some funny street signs if you just look at the English parts, too, but for the most part, we find the English names and instructions on street signs to be correct and understandable.

This obviously makes it much easier to get around the city on your own, as a non-Hebrew speaker, so with this post, we mainly want to reassure anyone in this position that there really is no need to worry should you not read Hebrew. Most tourists who visit the city actually don't, and the manage just fine anyway!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Restaurants in Tel Aviv: Jeremiah

There are tons and tons of coffee shops in Tel Aviv, but Jeremiah, on Dizengoff 306, is one of our favorites right now. The decor is nice, yet not over the top, the dishes good, filling and tasty and we have always had a nice time sitting at this coffee shop, especially during the weekends, when their breakfasts are well worth going all the way to the Namal (almost) for.
The restaurant has a Facebook page you can visit if you want, and you can see their menu before you go as well (Hebrew only), here. There are English menus at the actual coffee shop, though, so there is absolutely no need to be fluent in Hebrew in order to order something here.
We would definitely recommend going to Jeremiah if you are in the mood for typical coffee shop food, because everything here is nice, even if not the most memorable you have ever had.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Restaurants in Tel Aviv: Breakfast at Eden Bistro

As you may know, if you have been reading this blog for a while, like most typical Tel Avivians, we are constantly looking for the best breakfast in Tel Aviv, since breakfast is really one of the more important meals in this city. And when we visited Eden Bistro, the restaurant part of the charming Eden Boutique Hotel, recently, we certainly found another contender for this title!
Not only is the restaurant, as well as the rest of the hotel, super charming in a Parisian classic way, the way they serve the food at Eden Bistro is also really charming (not a lot of attention is paid to how things are served in a lot of Tel Aviv restaurants, but Eden Bistro is definitely an exception to this rule!) and the place is located in Kerem ha Teimanim, the Yemenite Vineyards, in Tel Aviv, which is really a very charming neighbourhood to visit anyway. So the surrounding is lovely in every way when you eat here, but the food is not half bad either!
The portions are really huge and the dishes original. You can also check out their menu online (here) if you want to see what they can offer you before you go.

We shared their The Rendevous meal for 2, which was a great choice, because you got to try several of their specialities by doing so. (what is pictured below is just part of the meal, however, since they serve it in several different rounds)
We highly recommend this place for everyone looking for a really nice breakfast or a Parisian feel in a restaurant i Tel Aviv. This really is a very unique place!
The bisto is located on 11 Yishon Street in Kerem ha Teimanim.